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  1. Wow, so cool!
    I’m glad you found acroyoga! It sounds like a perfect combination of something good for your body and acrobatics. 🙂
    And I’m also glad you have a good and productive time on the island.
    We’re doing well here, spring is coming! The birds are singing it and fresh grass is poking out here and there. There are snowbells!
    We’ve been having an assortment of injuries and sicknesses here, conjunctivities on the kids’ part, then I poked my eye while working and was half-blind for a few days (a very interesting experience, and the reason why I haven’t commented for a while, bright screens are really painful….), now Jayo poked his hand with his saw…
    But we also recover. This week we’re starting an interesting and long-awaited experiment: I go off to work for the week and Jayo does home and household chores. I’m curious how that will go, I’m excited.
    Lots of hugs!!
    Luise 🙂

  2. We had great fun learning acro yoga it was something very new to all of us on Koh Mak. Thank you Rahda for being so patient with us and giving us your time. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your travels, we are now back home in England for the summer.

    Take care Xxxxx