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  1. It sounds like a nice goodbye, a happy ending in Thailand. And off to new adventures! I’m so looking forward to reading about Papua New Guinea (?)!
    Lots of hugs and love from spring-time Sweden (we have rabbit babies and chicks, whoohoo!)!

  2. And also hugs from Denmark. It is so nice to follow both you an Jahnavi. Next week i am going to build a doome – not for myself, just to learn. It is a people meeting called “The Common Good” (Google translation). Looking forward to hear more.
    Hugs and love
    Do you remember I told you about Lukas Graham – he is really big now. “7 years” are played all over. Even Bangk,ok i think.

  3. Unfortunately we also have to leave Thailand and after 2 weeks in Italy I am missing my morning walks with the dogs terribly . Luckily we fly in 2 months to the Greek Islands. Looking forward to read about the Philippines.
    A big hug from Karin and Angelo

  4. Love this. The altars replete with Heineken cans and soda and cash and whatnot. My friends wife is Thai and she has a room in the basement full of offerings. I love my little “tours” of her spiritual sanctum.

  5. I know your year of adventures is coming to an end . . . two more months? What an adventure you’ve had, memories to last a life time . . . and a collection of amazing posts to share with grandchildren someday . . . oh!! is my age showing . . . I bet you’d never think of that!

    See you Vermont, with love, Nancy