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  1. Hey Radha! Life with 2 kids has been what’s pushed me over the edge, myself; with one, I could walk almost anywhere in town with the child in tow in a reasonable amount of time. With two, it just doesn’t happen. We just ordered a cargo bike that can haul an adult and two children and stuff. It’s got an electric assist for when the cliffs of Brattleboro get too steep for me + 2 (probably not for you!). Doesn’t address how in the US there are many barriers to carpooling. But a lot of families here are adopting cargo bikes for those middle-distance trips.

    I’ve been following this blog since the beginning and have loved it. I hope you keep it up for a long time! Safe and happy and reflective travels to you both!

  2. It’s cool to hear a snippet of one of your France experiences!

    Bla bla cars sounds similar to Uber and Lyft here in the U.S. I don’t know how prices compare, but it’s essentially people driving their cars around and picking up and dropping off passengers in need. They were in Austin but Austin passed a stricter regulation on them that required their would-be drivers to undergo screenings and applications that can take up to 6 months to be approved, so they left Austin. Another company is filling their place though.

    They don’t seem to be out in the countryside yet, however, just cities. And in cities it’s pretty easy to bike or take a bus, so for the country folk we still need something!