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  1. One reason I keep choosing to live in my small town , in town, walking and biking…. I can avoid my car days of every week. And I am a lousy cyclist…. I have terrible balance and am never really comfortable despite feeling great riding. Perhaps you and Eric can come by and help me get my bike dialed ;-}

  2. Nice post Radha! I just saw a guy’s post a few days ago where he was demonstrating the efficiency of a water car. Yes, his car ran on water! And he showed how the left overs from the water and baking soda are not harmful to the environment, while gas burns only to a 30% efficiency and the rest comes out of the pipe, therefore contaminating the environment. But you can be sure that his voice will be shut up as much as possible, as different cancer natural cures which works, are being also silenced. There are people in charge on this planet who just want to make money at all cost and they do not care about the consequences. And people are a bit like sheep and just follow whatever is fed to them. If they were fed to bicycle to work as much as possible they would do it too. I think you must start a small village at first where you give the example that those things work and will save the environment. And the press will take interest and things might start to snow ball… Or with the age of internet you might be able to start your own movement where people are encouraged not to follow blindly…. there is a lot of work to do in this area and i am glad you are starting to make your voice heard no matter how faint at first….

  3. Nice post Radha! Keep it up! Constant drips of inspiration, turn the tide, at least individually……..I will get that flat tire on my bike repaired today!