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  1. Oh, the suspense! You were finishing your bath when…. what? I’m confused!
    Otherwise, enjoy the GREEN for me! How I love it! And Laos seems great, maybe one day you’ll come back for a longer time, learn the language and talk to the people.

  2. Beautiful post and photos Radha! One of the best yet! Wow, what a mysterious and hidden place.

    Interesting comparison to Vrndavan you make. Even the Godhead favors the rural village atmosphere where love is the rule! Nice!

  3. A smile, prayer hands and a small bow suffice to express a world of appreciation. You have that mastered I am sure. magic and inspiration I will take with me on my strolls through the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. xoxox

  4. Another cool post! Love the reference to Krishna’s land in the beginning….

    Great photos and again great write!