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  1. grazie for your comments. At the moment we are travelling on Greece islands. Its very hot over here but we’re feeling OK. A big hug from Karin and Angelo

  2. Radha, we hope to be part of your extended family “village” when you move out to Port Townsend. We miss you and Erik at family gatherings, as we miss our own children and nieces and nephews. It will be fun to see how you build your new home on some kind of land. We always want to be a part of your lives!
    Norm and Helen Schaaf–your aunt and uncle-in-law?

  3. “KEEP BUSY seems to be the underlying message of our government, culture, and work culture. ” How true! You are to something my child!

  4. Great post!

    I’m excited to have you meet Jellybean. I’ll be sending her off to ‘Auntie Radha’s’ for helping out with the goat milking and field hoeing when she’s acting up, so be ready! 😉

    It is really cool to see some of the similar realizations we’ve had as you traveled around the world and I traveled in Mexico:

    “Do I want to travel again, more?

    Yes, but more locally. USA, Canada. Kayak, bicycle, sail, hike and camp, practice primitive living skills.

    The positive is that I love the wild spaces left in the US.

    What are you doing next?

    Growing lots of edible bushes, trees and plants. Weaving baskets, weaving a village together. Adventuring, cycling, building a home.”

    I’m looking forward to cycling from Washington to Alaska with you, Erik, Addison and Jahddison!