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  1. Awesome! Love all the photos. Your photos are so good, they told more than half the story! 🙂

    It’s great you got to spend such intimate time with the locals. It really helps when they also speak english! The women sound like a nice balance of girly and knowing-how-to-get-shit-done.

    I feel like so far, my trip in Mexico is great times staying with locals, or being holed up in a hotel room or tent by myself or with another cyclist. While the latter is great for resting and getting things done, I feel much more isolated from the actual culture that I’m visiting. (that being said, it’s been damn cold ’round these parts, so holing up is just kind part of it for now)

  2. Yes, meeting locals is the way to see the country! Would you have ever waded through rice paddies and listened to Lao songs by the camp fire otherwise? So great, I love it!! I’m so glad you can make this experience, and even though I wish I could kick Erik’s ass into also being more social with the locals (maybe he is at other times… ;)), it’s also so important to have alone-time with them, it’s much more direct than having a back-up fellow foreigner there.
    I am almost done with my chainsaw course and I so appreciate having gone there, improved my Swedish, “hung out with the guys”, and got to know more locals. A guy who works with horses (he tried to sell me one last time), a guy from our village who, when I drove to the course with him, showed me where every one he knows lives and give me loads of background info on our village. And just being yourself instead of being an extension of your partner is very important, and great.
    I’m glad you went on a solo adventure, and glad you’re sharing pictures and reports with us.
    Big hugs, and health to Erik!!

  3. I always found that I had to stay in one place for awhile to get to ‘know’ the people, cultures…covering ground is like getting snapshots for places you want to stay longer at next time. Go slow, linger in appealing places. Time creates the opportunity for intimacy that little else can. I am getting the travel bug though….and what a waterfall, and i wish it was easier to share sound scapes…audio without video can be awesome. love to you both and looking forward xoG