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  1. Beautiful! This feels relaxing, unlike some of the other posts in this blog! I’m glad you guys have landed in such a gorgeous and nurturing place. Can’t wait to hear of your golden chrysalis and how this journey has rearranged things inside your souls. Miss you both.

  2. Your first photo for this page is incredible! Wow! Such transparent waters! Beautiful place for a break….

  3. Yep, great photos as usual. I can’t BELIEVE how golden the chrysalis is!!! Mind blasting!

    You’ve gotten me all pumped up to go snorkeling once I reach Playa del Carmen. I still never have in my life!

    Man, that’s one scary looking centipede. Here in Mexico I’ve only seen some rather buoyant spiders (they like to bounce around a lot, which can be disconcerting) and tiny, rather poisonous-looking, roadkill snakes–and some big roadkill snakes, but somehow the bigger ones seem less poisonous to me. 😛

  4. The photos of the island and the shore should make the “What’s Next?” questions cease. Looks to me like there’s no need for a next. Why leave paradise? (If the centipede offers you a bite of a magic papaya, don’t take it!) Continue to continue ~ John

  5. Ah, I love to hear about the fruit. I miss them, cherish the memory of tropical fruit from India. But you cannot have everything everywhere, and that is good thing. 🙂
    The golden chrysalis is AMAZING!! Wow! Insects are true wonders. So many bugs are walking gems…