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  1. Welcome home!! So glad you made it safely home but also very jealous of your adventures! It’s been great to read about them!!

  2. America! F-yeah! 😛

    Cool Thai orchard airport photos. Pretty awesome.

    The end of a trip that long has got to be somewhat disorientating, I can imagine.

  3. I hope that “Welcome Home” is an appropriate sentiment at this point. I hadn’t checked your blogs in a while because I didn’t think there were any new posts. The rice field photos in the previous entry are truly spectacular. Do you pine away for more time on the road? Has your knee issue resolved? Are you returning to Vermont anytime soon? Have you guys considered biking to here? All in all, there’s probably a community sigh of relief that you returned safely and a sense that you are now way wiser 🙂 ~ John

  4. return to normal life will be very hard , I hope you are well and you will quickly spread to a new journey. we hope to see you next time in Italy. un big hug – Karin and Angelo