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  1. No wonder everyone in Phnom Pen was willing to believe the Khmer Rouge when they told people that they needed to evacuate Phnom Pen immediately because the US was going to drop bombs. They knew from experience that this is what the US did . . . and so began a three year regime that destroyed the country and tortured and killed hundred of thousands of people . . .

    We are often not the good guys . . .

  2. Hearing stories like that makes me so sad – why are humans so terrible to one another? Killing many many innocent people just for some stupid political goal? So horrible! And there are surely so many more places out there that are scarred by war-crimes, war-crimes committed by states that will maybe never own up to it. Why again do we let power-hungry men rule the world?
    But that makes it even more important to keep our eyes open, help where we can, spread the word about injustice and try to make our little contribution to shape a better, more peaceful world.
    Thanks for writing this post, Radha, even if it was hard to read.

  3. Wow! Fascinating post Radha! So many war secrets are being uncovered daily. You uncovered this one accidentally… So scary! You must have been walking on those human bones going deeper inside that cave… How creepy! War has an ugly face for sure….Very ugly.

    Well written and well documented! Congratulations on all fronts!

  4. Yes, I agree with Dominique: the ugly face of War. We are all descendants from those caves. Please be careful where you camp! Love you both!

  5. The bombings were well known very quickly at the time and a major part of effort to stop the Viet Nam war. Declassifying info is just a token gesture. The UN and many other organizations around the world have huge teams working on this global hell of unexploded ordanance. They are still unearthing bombs from WWII all over Europe. And more bombs are dropped every day. Until we as humans make the end of the military industrial complex our lifes’ work, this cave story is just that. I can think of no more powerful way for you to feel the effects of those days. I hope it stays with you when you are done traveling. Google search: “missions to find unexploded ordnance” and you will find more than your heart can bear.

    • “Find more than your heart can bear”….that’s exactly it. I have been having so many doses here in Laos. Such a child-like, playful people too. I may search ‘missions to find unexploded ordinance at some point.