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  1. Wow, sounds like an awesome opportunities to after all meet and live with the indigenous people! What luck! And a good reason to leave the island after all. Before you make roots there… 😉

  2. Hey Radha and Erik! Beautiful posts and photos. Great story telling.
    What a nice exchange. They have such an awesome retreat and you both have shared your own gifts so nicely! A real inspiration for me.

    Thanks for keeping in close contact with Jahnavi and giving her inspiration and guidance. I just spoke with her at length last night. Seems we are all going through our processes simultaneously in different locations. I miss you guys and can’t wait to catch up when you return!

  3. Hi Radha and Eric- so great to read the latest updates on your adventures. Great pics- love the “smiley face up” egg shot 🙂 Have a wonderful time in the Philippines- sounds like an amazing opportunity. Thinking of you both and sending love from Vermont.

  4. What a beautiful farewell to what must have been an amazing respite. I’m glad that you are able to participate in another adventure that is on your “itinerary”. I look forward to future blog entries.
    Latcho Drom (gypsy for Safe Travels) ~ John